Territorial Self-Governance Dataset (TERRGO)



What is TERRGO?

  • a new dataset on territorial self-governance in democracies, semi-democracies, and autocracies
  • including more than 2,200 second-level regions in 96 countries
  • containing over 39,000 region-year assessments
  • enhancing our grasp on the empirical complexity of state structures

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Appendix/ Replication

Please cite:  Trinn, Christoph, and Felix Schulte. 2020. ‘Untangling Territorial Self-Governance–New Typology and Data’. Regional and Federal Studies: 1–25. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/13597566.2020.1795837

Dataset (TERRGO C and TERRGO U)
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…takes a fresh look at territorial self-governance in more than 2,900 second-level regions in 96 Western and non-Western democracies, semi-democracies and autocracies


  • ...provides information on each generic category of self-governance units (TERRGO_C)
  • ...makes available data for each individual unit (TERRGO_U)


…builds on a parsimonious conceptualization of territorial self-governance


  • ...reduces the terminological confusion in the field
  • ...is easily applicable and falsifiable
  • ...carves out ‚differences in kind‘


…allows to untangle country-specific profiles


While some countries represent a TERRGO type in its pure form..


…others show more complex configurations or have changed their face over time